Despite the media attention Marisha’s story has received (and the help donations have given her), she continues to live in poverty. A monthly disability check covers her rent,  some utilities and some food. Sometimes her water gets shut off. Often, she is hungry. Donations from compassionate strangers have literally saved her life. 

Your generosity will help Marisha pay for the things that “The Doctors” promised her but never followed through on: obturators, reconstructive surgery. Your kindness will reduce her pain, strengthen her body, give her access to medical care, and keep a smile on her face. There are many (fun!) ways to help Marisha and show her that she isn’t alone:



GoFundMe donations are the most needed. All donated money goes towards her most immediate needs:

Paying off bills from her Doctors experience, as well as paying herself for things they promised her: a definitive obturator, reconstructive surgery. A new winter coat (hers fell apart when she fell down recently). Making payments so her CPAP machine, which helps her breathe at night, isn’t taken away; making co-pays; and purchasing items that are vital to her health and pain management.  Marisha keeps impeccable records and can account for every penny she receives in donations.

Amazon Wish List

If you’re the kind of person who always gives a gift rather than a gift card, please consider purchasing something from Marisha’s Amazon Wish List. She has listed items for her daily care (saline spray, q-tips, pain reliever) that she desperately needs.  It has items that her doctors have been urging her to get for a long time as well as basic everyday things that she doesn’t have: a mop, exercise clothes, cooking utensils. Everything is sent directly to Marisha and you’re able to include a note in the package.

Daily Harvest: delicious + nutritious smoothies, soups, and breakfasts

Whole Foods Market Gift Card – Email Delivery 

Factor75: organic, healthy pre-made meals, delivered

Amazon E-Gift Card: to be used for grocery deliveries + supplements 

Ion Nutrition: organic, nutritious pre-prepared meals, delivered


If you’d like to volunteer your services (or know someone who would), please reach out! We would love to find the following for Marisha:

Near Knoxville, TN: 
Functional Medicine Doctor or Naturopath
Massage therapist with certification in lymphatic drainage for home visits
Housecleaner — or someone willing to stop by and do a little cleaning (because of her exposed upper respiratory system, it is really important that Marisha’s home be as clean as possible, and that only organic/natural cleaning products are used) 
Veterinarian and/or pet store — to ensure lil Oreo gets good care and food

or Registered Dietitian
SEO expert to help with the website
Bloggers or Influencers willing to share Marisha’s story
Social media/internet folks to team with Christine (who created/manages this site and its content) in reaching out to news outlets, companies, individuals, etc. for a couple hours per week
Companies, big or small, who would be willing to donate products, and be thanked/acknowledged/linked to with a write-up on (such as: Four Sigmatic, Amazing Grass, Thorne/Designs for Health or other reputable supplement company, meal delivery services, cozy clothing company, etc.)
Or anything else you have to contribute!

To volunteer services/goods, please email Christine at